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The software products registered under the MRP® trademark started in 1990. Since the very beginning we have specialized in the information systems research and development. In 1992, MRP Informatics®, Ltd. was established the main goal of which was the development and wholesale distribution of financial-accounting packages for the whole territory of Czechoslovakia. After the Czechoslovak Republic has been splitted a new subsidiary firm – MRP-Company, Ltd. attending about the MRP® software programs development and distribution was established on the territory of Slovakia. In 1994, a new division was formed within the framework of our company dealing with the research and development of the video-systems for watching and monitoring objects using the image teletransmission. In 1996, we reacted to the upsurge of the Internet by establishing another division engaged in the Internet services (e.g. providing the Internet connection, Web pages creation, E-Business, etc.). In addition to the development of video-systems, information systems and on-line programs we are concerned with the subsidiary software programs designed especially for entrepreneurial spheres. On the turn of millennium we have registered more than 10.000 legal installations of the authorised MRP® software. More than 40 regular employees are engaged in the software development and promotion. When developing our products we collaborate with top specialists, tax consultants and professional accounting firms. Above 200 dealers participate on the software programs distribution.

Firm policy and business activities

1)    Financial – accounting agenda

Initially we concentrated our attention especially on private entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized firms, later we focused on major firms, institutions of state administration, municipal authorities and contributory organizations.
Our programs are supplied in modifications for the LAN networks as well as in MULTIVERSIONS utilised, to a large extent, by professional accounting firms. Many other firms take advantages of the multiversions because they simplify accounting operations, such as the annual transfers and provide detailed survey of the last fiscal periods. The financial-accounting agenda may be divided into three main groups:

Universal accounting system (set up for the DOS and Windows operating systems)
Visual accounting system (set up for the Windows XP operating systems and higher)
MRP-K/S accounting system of the third generation, set up for the Client/Server-based architecture

The Universal accounting system has a considerably long historical development. Most of the conservative users tend to incline to this accounting system. On the one hand they do not have a special liking for the various icons (offered by Windows), multicoloured graphic displays, etc., on the other hand they require a reliable system with simple controllership and rich in function menu. They also require further development to be granted, as far as up-to-date equipment is concerned and in compliance with the changing legislation.

The Visual accounting system is popular especially with those users who appreciate all the positive features of the Universal accounting system, but, in addition to that, they want the programs (exclusively programmed for the Windows operating systems) to be operated under the same Windows operating system. Keeping accounts is not just a pragmatic matter of business for them, but they also try to make the best of the aesthetic possibilities of displaying and printing in Windows.

The MRP-K/S accounting system ranks among the latest versions. The title itself suggests that it represents an entirely different category of accounting systems. Especially more discriminating users will appreciate the system whose first-rate criteria are reliability, efficiency and data security.

Both the Visual and the Universal accounting systems are modular systems that allow you to buy only the modules that are essential to work with. Single modules contain a number of subsidiary ledgers being in a mutual relationship (e.g. register of suppliers and customers, register of receipts and expenditures, tax base classification, a cash book, an accounting journal, survey of receipts and expenditures, VAT monitoring, etc.). Except of its modular character the system features with the possibility of output devices modification.

Since the very beginning the MRP-K/S accounting system has been created as a network application even in its basic version. This system is no more a modular “composition” as are the previous ones. All standard modules are implemented in the basic version. The system allows you to buy as many licence sites for the client stations as you will really need to work with.

Our accounting system has acquired its popularity mainly thanks to:

simple controllership
95% of all users have managed without special training (a user guide and occasional telephone consultations were sufficient)
modular character and mutual relationship of single modules
quality service
  • regular upgrade distribution (initially by post, later via the BBS stations, at present via the Internet
  • consultations and HOTLINE being free of charge
  • possibility of training the less experienced in our training centre
top reliability and data security
favourable prices – being at lower limits in comparison with the competitive prices

2) Video-systems for monitoring and watching objects

We managed to become number one among firms producing the monitoring alarm systems. The reason of our success in this sphere lies in the fact that we did not try to develop a single-purpose hardware system that is, in the final result, too expensive for the interested persons and beyond their means. Our monitoring system is based on the classical PC with the Windows operating system. This way we have managed to lower the purchase costs to the tenth of the purchase price of similar competitive single-purpose hardware systems. The system is designed namely for:

firm owners
security agencies

3) The Internet

In the Internet area we are concerned, in particular, with:

The development of the applications supporting E-Business. We have created the home MRP® e-shop being in a direct relationship to our accounting packages. The e-shop services are for the users of our accounting packages free of charge.
Providing new programs, mainly upgrades, via the Internet. We have evolved the “Upgrade generator” that allows the authorised users to download the latest versions of our programs whenever they want and configure them in the same way as the program they had ordered before.
Creation, conduct and control of the second-level domains. The relevant web space creation, conduct and control is a commonplace with this service.
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